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Meet the REACH Team

Madeline BermúdezMadeline Bermudéz, REACH Team, Community Health Worker
Community Health Worker

  • I previously worked in Lancaster helping low income families in the community with providing with resources offered in their communities; such as utility assistance, childcare assistance, Headstart, WIC, Senior center, domestic violence services.
  • In my current role as a Community Health Worker for Lebanon County, my goal is to connect with the Hispanic community and establish a relationship with them and offer services in the following areas:
    · Nutrition
    · Physical Activity
    · Community linkages
  • You can contact me for resources, connecting with the REACH Team, and events.


Bilingual: English/Español

Andrea Murray
Project Manager

  • Prior to working at Penn State College of Medicine I had the privilege of working for the Pennsylvania Women, Infants and Children program as a Public Health Nutritionist and Certified Lactation Councilor. Currently, I also serve as the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute. As the Community Engagement Coordinator, my role is to help facilitate community participation in all stages of research, identify key research opportunities and support the development of useful research tools. I foster strong relationships for research collaboration between community health providers, policymakers and academic researchers to improve research-based practice and stimulate practice-based research.
  • As the Project Manager of the REACH I create collaborative partnerships focused on improving health outcomes at a community level in Lebanon and Reading, Pennsylvania. By building a project infrastructure and workflow with the help of community members and community organizations, locally tailored practice- and evidence-based strategies related to nutrition, physical activity, and community-clinical linkages are tailored to reflect the needs of these specific communities.


Dr. Jennifer Kraschnewski, MD

  • I’m thrilled to help lead the REACH project! We have a fantastic team who is dedicated to helping advance healthy nutrition, physical activity and community and clinical linkages for our Hispanic communities in Lebanon and Berks counties.
  • I’m passionate about improving community health! Following my medical training as a primary care physician, I earned a degree in public health to develop my skills in this area. Patients spend the vast majority of their lives outside of the clinical setting and community factors greatly impact our health. I’m interested in how engaging community stakeholders and organizations can help people live healthier. Our team has been partnering with Lebanon through Better Together for the last four years. Our REACH project builds on these outstanding relationships. Thank you for your interest in our work and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to see how you or your organization might get involved. We’re always interested in working with new community partners!


Twitter: @jlkrasch

Dr. William Calo, PhD

  • I want to promote the uptake of culturally-relevant interventions in community settings, with the aim of improving healthy eating, physical activity and diabetes prevention in central Pennsylvania. Working with local partners, I want to examine how these interventions work, for whom and under what circumstances.
  • I am a Latino health services researcher with the goal of designing and implementing culturally-relevant interventions to improve community health among diverse populations in central Pennsylvania. I have over 10 years of experience working with minority groups and community and healthcare organizations on several projects related to chronic disease prevention and health policy.

Bilingual: English/Español

Betsy Aumiller

  • I am excited to be involved in the REACH initiative as the project evaluator! We have interesting projects underway to address improved physical activity, healthy nutrition and connections between communities and clinical care in Lebanon and Berks counties. We are eager to see the outcomes for these communities!
  • I am a health educator that loves teaching and working with community members, patients and graduate students to address factors related to learning and health behavior change. I have doctoral degree in education and have worked in a number of community settings examining the effectiveness of educational programming. Our team cares deeply about developing experiences with individuals and communities that will encourage healthy behaviors for a lifetime. Please consider us a resource to you or your organization – we would love to work with you!

Emily Schoettler
Project Coordinator

  • I am passionate about using my background in nutritional sciences to improve health on a community level. Prior to working at Penn State College of Medicine, I served the needs of the York community as a Nutritionist for the Pennsylvania Women, Infants and Children program. I completed nutrition assessments, provided nutrition counseling, prescribed tailored food packages and connected participants with community resources.
  • As the REACH Project Coordinator, I assist the project manager with the development, implementation and evaluation of grant projects. I play an active role in data collection to ensure that REACH efforts and strategies are meeting the specific needs of the Lebanon and Reading communities. I have the privilege of working with an incredible team to improve healthy food access, promote physical activity and connect community members with clinical resources. I am most excited to build on the existing relationships that we have so all community members can participate in creating healthy futures for Lebanon and Reading.


Isaac Serafini
Graphic Design and
Marketing Specialist