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Defeating Lung Cancer with Early Detection and Treatment

Learn who is at most risk for getting lung cancer, what types of tests are best for early detection, and the latest in treatments.

Presenters: Troy Moritz, DO, FACOS, Rodney Jamil, MD, and David Weksberg, MD, PhD

Diabetes: How Can You Empower Yourself?

Learn how to best care yourself or someone you know who has diabetes in terms of medications, diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle.

Presenter: Soni Srivastav, MD, endocrinologist

Building a Resilient Lebanon County

Building resilient and trauma informed communities is essential to improving public health and well-being. Communities can be places where traumatic events occur, and they can also help keep us safe. They can be a source of trauma, or buffer us against the negative effects of adversity. Communities can collectively experience trauma much like individuals do, and they can be a resource for healing. Find out more at this session.

Free to attend, but limited to 30 individuals per session
Please call/text 717.380.9714 or email

Your Best Breast Health

Women can learn about self-breast exams, what to look for in terms of lumps and bumps, and the benefits of the different types of breast imaging.

Presenters: Linda Myers, MD, breast surgeon, Breast Health Associates, and Sarah Shipley, MD, radiologist

Keister Kindness — Preventing Back Pain by Putting Your Rear-end First

Learn how to prevent back pain and injury with tips on correcting your posture, correct lifting techniques, and more.

Presenter: Andrew Wagenhiem, PA-C, Spine, Bone, and Joint Center

Ask the Plastic Surgeon

Ever wondered how cool sculpting works? How liposuction is done? How breast augmentation, reconstruction or reduction is performed? What can be done to improve the look of a bad scar? What moles to have removed? Who can benefit most from laser treatments or a chemical peel? Both men and women … come with your questions and ask!

Presenter: Bryan Cicuto, DO, plastic surgeon, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgical Associates

Mommy and Me: Ask the Pediatrician

Learn about common childhood illnesses and treatments during a question and answer session with a pediatrician. Children welcome, and a healthy snack will be provided.

Presented by Chiamaka Onyewuchi, MD, family practitioner and pediatrician.

Advance registration required and as seating is limited.

Lunch and Learn: Understanding Sleep

Learn about sleep cycles, why it is sometimes difficult to get the sleep you need and methods to help increase the quality of your sleep.

Presenter: Sam Al-Saadi, MD, psychiatrist

Advanced registration is required.

Colonoscopy for Cancer Screening: Individualization and Optimization

No one looks forward to a colonoscopy, or the prep that goes with it. But colonoscopy – a procedure that looks for cancer before symptoms start – helps saves lives. Learn more about screening can find colon cancer early when it’s small and easier to treat, or even prevent it altogether. Advanced registration is required.

Presenter/photo: Brian DeLong, MD.


Lunch and Learn: Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure

Learn about the most common signs and symptoms of heart failure, what to do about them, what you can do to prevent them and how they are treated.

Advanced registration is required.

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