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Wellness Wednesday is about making the healthy choice the easy choice. Small wins add up. Use every day activities as an opportunity to make a healthy choice.

  • Take the stairs.
  • Fill up on water.
  • Park further away.
  • Stretch and move during commercial breaks/children’s activities.
  • Schedule an activity date.
  • Check local resources for free or inexpensive programs.
  • Complete our Wellness Bingo by July 1st, 2019 to win a prize.

Click to learn more about the current physical activity guidelines.



  • Schedule walking meetings/lunch breaks.
  • Share healthy recipes.
  • Complete 2-3 desk exercises every hour.

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  • Pack your lunch.
  • Skip the drive thru (banks, pharmacy, food).
  • Cook dinner at home.

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  • Add a stretch break to your morning announcements.
  • Use energizers throughout the school day to improve student performance.
  • Reinvent healthy foods at breakfast/lunch.

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