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Physical Activity in Lebanon County

To find sustainable physical activities, we must cultivate fun and engage in ways to help the community at large be more active. This includes making sure the built environment is conducive to physical activity. The physical activity action team is a group of educated and passionate fitness enthusiasts, who are contagiously motivating us to get moving!

“23% Of Lebanon County residents are not physically active and 32% of residents are obese.”*

Our Mission

To unite organizations, ideas, and resources to promote physical activity and provide opportunities for movement for all Lebanon County residents

Our Goals:

  1. Promote greater physical activity in schools.
  2. Promote a more “physically active friendly” built environment.
  3. Amplify physical activity options at community events.


  1. A) Secure one school in each district to participate in the active school movement.
    B) Provide no or low-cost resources to every school district in the county to boost P.A.
  2. A) Support efforts to secure a bicycle / pedestrian master plan for the Lebanon MPO
    B) Meet with municipal officials to educate them on the importance of the built environment in supporting physical activity
    C) Support efforts to complete Lebanon Valley Rail / Trial and establish spur trails into residential communities
  3. A) Walking tour / Holiday Parade
    B) Boost visibility of Tour de Lebanon
    C) Fireworks at Coleman Park
    D) Better Together Wellness Expo

*Health Rankings.” County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2017,


How Our Surroundings Can Help or Hinder Active Lifestyles:

Harvard T.H. Chan – School of Public Health [Link]