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Better Together Engaging in the Community

The family and community engagement action team seeks to communicate and involve families in existing initiatives. This is a group of family and community minded individuals who strive to engage organizations and individuals in order to optimize access to programs in the community.

“In order for any program to be successful, it is vital to engage key groups of (people) who want to support your action plan.” (Administrator, 2015*)

Our Mission

To engage families and individual community members in a healthier community. Serve as the hub for all healthful events, information, and opportunities in Lebanon County.

Our Goals:

Increase awareness of wellness information and increase participation in wellness activities among the community at large.


  1. Create Better together website and community calendar.
  2. Create social media presence
  3. Create and implement public relations/community outreach plan to meet the needs of specific target audiences.
  4. Identify barriers to community members leading a healthy lifestyle.

*Administrator. “Step 5: Engage Families & Communities.” Action for Healthy Kids, 2015.